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Total Gas- Top Tips for Cooking Safely with Total Gas

The rate at which gas cylinders are being purchased is overwhelmingly high. You probably are wondering why gas and not the traditional Jikos. First off, cooking gas is extremely convenient- it takes shorter period of time to prepare a meal compared to any other forms of cooking. Total Gas promotes kitchen hygiene- you cook without experiencing smoke. Considering the low price tag on cooking gas, what prevents you from buying one?

With that said, you need to ensure you cook safely using gas. Statistics show that about 14,300 people have been victims of gas leaks. It’s time we educated on how you can cook safely with gas and prevent future accidents. And this starts by making the kitchen a safe haven.

Tips to help you cook safely with Total Gas:

Position your cooker away from Combustible surfaces

Gas spreads fast and unknowingly unless you are keen to smell it. To be safe, keep your gas cooker away from exhaust fans. Take note that fans can easily facilitate spreading of gas posing a danger not just to the kitchen but entire household. To be safe, position exhaust fans 750mm above, burners should stay out of sight at least 200mm.

Do not overheat cooking fats and oils

Domestic fires caused by gas are on the rise. Unfortunately what we do is not dig deep into the reason that caused the fire.  Fats and cooking oils are capable of withstanding heat for a specific period of time. Once their heating levels are passed, such fats will ignite causing fire.  However, this only happens if you leave your cooking unattended.

When cooking ensure the gas does not go out

Gas is invisible and when cooking it is hardly possible to notice its smell. This creates the best opportunity for it to escape and leak without your knowledge. Gas spreads due to excess wind when windows are opened. To avoid any accidents when cooking with gas, set your window to bring in enough fresh air and not one that could seemingly pose danger.

Clean Cook Tops Regularly

With so much going on the only thing we focus on is getting that food ready on time. We do not pay attention to the dirt and fat that has built up on the cooking tops. Maybe you do not know the damage it can cause. When lighting the gas every day, fat is exposed to heat and when the temperatures are surpassed it will ignite causing fire. Maintaining cleanliness will help prevent such accidents in the kitchen.

Install/Connect gas system correctly

Unless you have been taken through the process of connecting gas system it is not easy to do so.  Gas leaks eventually begin and it’s always late when you come to realize. Gas leaks cause massive damages and could burn your entire household. The mistake we do is assumed that everything is locked tightly and there start using our appliances. You must have someone teach and demonstrate to you. If not a gas vendor, you could ask a plumber/technician to assist in fixing your gas.

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