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Top 3 Signs Which Show That Your Vehicle’s Engine Has Trouble

We have all experienced it; while seated in traffic, or cruising the super highway, your ears are up, and you listen. Did I just hear a whirring sound somewhere? Do I know where it’s coming from? Is it coming from my car’s engine?

Wild thoughts like; may be that noise is not coming from my car probably cross your mind. It has to be that cranky jalopy on the other side of the highway. Unfortunately, the sound keeps purring and cranky sound persists- from inside.

To cut the story short, your car engine has problems, but you’re not so sure which ones.

Here are 3 helpful signs that your vehicles’ engine isn’t doing as well as you might think. Your engine could be in need of your immediate attention.

Your car engine jerks, surges or stalls

In general, your ride should be smooth. Always. If your car continually jerks and purrs as you drive it, chances are it has engine problems. Some of the causes for this ENGINE of issue  include foiled spark plugs or clogged fuel filters. There could also be a reading problem in your cars’ computer- among other issues.

Since the last thing you’d like is experiencing crazy jumps on the Thika Highway or Mombasa Road, or sitting in traffic yet your engine is taking its sweet time to jump-start, why not have your engine checked?

Preventative car maintenance like regular engine oil changes at recommended intervals, among others, can help you keep your engine for longer.

Crazy noises from the engine

Who loves it when their engine emotes crazy noises? Anyone? Of course no one loves it when their engine has sounds that aren’t music to the ear. Noise from the engine is a sign that something bad is cooking.

The subtle popping sounds could mean that there are a few “detonations” happening in there. Grinding sounds when you switch gears could be a sign that your transmission replacement is eminent, among other issues.

If you love your car like you say you do, pay special attention to the sound coming from your cars’ engine. You can never go wrong with your vehicle’s maintenance if you listen!

Smell coming from the engine

When you sense the obvious burning smell from your cars’ engine, something is amiss. For most people, the burning smell from the engine spells doom; and could be a bigger sign of doom especially the clutch burns, from the brakes (when you brake suddenly, often), a faulty heater or burning oil.

Regardless of the burning smell in your engine, it’s never a good sign. You need to intervene on time to ensure that your engine is in top notch condition.

In general, your car engine health determines efficiency in fuel consumption, engine oil and so many other facets. Consider taking your vehicle for regular checkups to avoid problems.

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