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Tire Maintenance and Safety Golden Rules

You probably are a proud owner of Mercedes and all you do is drive. You are overwhelmed and cannot wait for the night to end just to get in your car. But how well do you take care of the car when you are always on the steering? When was the last time you made an appointment to visit your mechanic? When did you last check your tires to see if they are properly inflated?

Driving an improperly inflated tire keeps you at a risk three times more. The findings collected from a research done in the U.S.A are staggering- about 250,000 accidents happen due to underinflated tires. But why such news when you never miss a spare tire? It is one thing to have a spare tire and another to properly maintain it.

Tires play a critical role when you are driving. One of the things to take note of is the load you apply to the car. You realize that with an overload you can barely move and your tires cannot support such. In the process you shorten the life of your tires and drive under unsafe conditions which might result into a tragic accident. Driving with an overinflated and underinflated tire is dangerous.

Next time you are on the road remember to stick by the following rules:

Do not be always on the go

Your car tires do the whole work for you while on the road. They are the ones that enable you to drive to your office, go for a road trip or even when doing it for fun. With poorly maintained tires, you can hardly move and with no spare tire you definitely have no choice but to leave your car on the road.  This is one worst experience a car owner would never want to encounter. Do not always be on the go: check your tires are you safe with them or do they need to be attended to?

Measure your tire pressure

It is one thing to approximate the tire pressure and another to actually measure it. Most of us go with simply observing the tire and making mistakes. It will do you good to stop by the gas station and use high quality tire pressure gauge. You could use the digital tire gauge as it is accurate and give precise readings.

Know the pressure your tire can handle

Similar to the body, car tires can only handle specific pressure. Normally the information of pressure can be found around the driver’s door, door post or glove compartment. Once you know the kind of pressure your tires can handle you will never get stuck on the road or involve in any accidents in the future.

Before you take a trip, check out your tires – it’s the only way you will enjoy your drive.

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