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Most Common Causes Of Engine Oil Leakage ( With Fixes)

Oil is one of the major components of the engine. It protects the moving parts from the effects of friction and loss of shape. Oil leakage has negative impact on both the engine, and the environment. Therefore, leakages should be fixed immediately they are realized.

Causes of oil leakage

Existence of holes in the oil seals- since oil cannot expand sufficiently to seal all the space in oil filters, oil may leak from the engine easily. When additives are added to seal these holes, it spill even more due to excessive expansion.

Damaged valve gasket– Old vehicles and those that travel long distances are vulnerable to this condition. The wearing out of the gasket allows accumulation of sludge and the result is increase in pressure at those points which consequently lead to oil leakages. The effect is normally severe on poor roads with debris and large rocks.

Damaged oil drain plugs – this occurs when threads are misaligned, worn-out or get dirty. This may loosen the oil drain plug hence allow the leakage of oil from the oil pan through the underside.

Worn-out camshaft- creates spaces therefore allowing oil to get into the timing belts .When timing belts are not correctly replaced, they can cause oil leakage.

Remedies for fixing engine oil leakages

Sealing the camshaft– This ensures that no oil gets into the timing belts which will otherwise be destroyed if oil gets into contact with them. Worn-out camshafts should also be replaced on a regular basis. Before the camshaft is replaced, the timing belt should be removed first to avoid contact between oil and the belts. This is an insight with this respect.
Using additives- These chemicals fill the small holes in oil seals and causes them to expand and soften. This stops leakage and thereby maintaining the functioning of the engine. However the additives may be destructive to the engine because they may cause more expansion which eventually converts small oil leaks to big oil leaks.

Replacing the drain plug– A drain plug which has been damaged causes oil to leak and it needs to be replaced regularly. Also, dirty drain plugs need to be cleaned.

Covering the engine valve– These valves cover the head of the cylinder and thus preventing oil spillage. The oil in the engine allows free movement of the valves when in use. However, the valve covers destroy the belt which needs to be replaced then.

When your engine oil leaks, it is a bad sign. Visit any of our service stations around the country to ensure that your engine is healthy. Our engine specialists will help you take care of your car professionally.

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