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Liquefied Petroleum Gas – Cooking Gas Safety Tips

Liquefied Petroleum Gas or popularly known as LPG is commonly used among the urban dwellers in Nairobi for domestic use. Apart from the convenience it offers, LPG is a clean source fuel as it does not produce soot and it’s environmentally friendly. It is also fairly affordable. When purchasing an LPG cylinder, ensure you are getting an original cylinder from an authorized dealer. Do not accept the Liquefied Petroleum Gas cylinder if the seal is broken. Request the attendant to use the 5-point safety steps which include:

  • Regulator: This is normally pre-set according to the required operating pressure. Ensure it’s not worn out, and that it’s replaced every five years.
  • Hose: Check the rubber hose to make sure it’s not punctured as this may lead to a gas leak. It needs to be replaced every two years.
  • Hose clips: The clips need to be in good working condition and that they are properly secured.
  • Cylinder: Inspect the cylinder for cracks.
  • Leak Test: Use a soap solution to be sure there are no gas leaks. Apply the solution on the cylinder joints and the presence of bubbles is an indication that there is a leak.

Note: Do not use an open flame to test for gas leaks.

When Cooking using Liquefied Petroleum Gas…

  • Open windows for proper ventilation.
  • Don’t place flammable items near the cylinder.
  • Ensure pan handles don’t come into direct contact with the open flame.
  • Never leave an open flame unattended as liquids can boil and over flow therefore, extinguishing the fire. This will cause the gas to leak posing a huge fire risk.

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