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How To Keep The Best Tyres For Your Car (7 Tyre Maintenance Tips)

There are many advantages in ensuring that your tyres work. Along with helping us evade potential accidents or other road troubles, we can enjoy these benefits if we take care of our tires.

  • Reduce fuel consumption, thereby saving the money we spend on fuel
  • Extend the life of our tires thus saving ourselves a fortune, in premature tyre replacements
  • To be able to drive efficiently and safely, especially when negotiating curves and around obstacles such as potholes and debris on Nairobi roads.
  • Help the environment by lowering carbon and other emissions from our cars.

Some of the things you can do to maintain your car tyres include:

Avoid over-speeding – It significantly reduces the life of your tyres because of the massive amounts of heat created with the road. Drive at a good pace to keep your tyres for a longer time.

Driving on safe and well constructed roads –Drive on well-constructed roads- fewer sharp objects, potholes, sharp stones, etc. Whenever necessary, drive slowly and avoid potholes. If you are hiring out your car, ensure that the drivers adhere to good roads with your car.

Rotate the tyres– Rotate your tyres on a regular basis. By rotating your car tyres every 6000 to 8000 miles covered; the tyres wear out evenly. Put special focus on front tyres because these wear out faster.

Proper inflation– Properly inflated tyres help with proper movement- regulates fuel consumption. We have a full article on how to manage pressure in your tyres as well as other elements of tyre maintenance.

Proper balancing of tires- When it comes to mounting of tires onto a car, many tend to be in a hurry and forget to look at balancing of the tires. Improper balancing usually puts pressure on particular tires causing them to

Manage Loading- Every car has a maximum weight capacity it can handle. Limiting your car pressure to this helps a lot.
Changing of tires- If you suspect your tires are too worn out, lack treads, and can’t be retread, replace them as soon as possible.

In general, tyre status affects your safety (skidding), fuel consumption, and efficiency on the road. Think about what we have showed and feel free to contribute with some of your tricks in the comments.

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