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Cooking Gas -5 best Money saving Tips

We all aware of the exponentially increasing cost of energy. With researchers putting 4% as the average total cost of household cooking (gas) in median households, there are a few easy ways you can use to save energy when using a cooking gas. The tips below are a guide on saving cooking gas in your kitchen, so, indulge us for one minute.

Cook more to save more

When you cook more food in one go, you are able to save on cooking gas compared to cooking small meals all the time. Research has shown that doing this eliminates the energy dissipation’s/loss by more than 30% putting you ahead on the gas saving curve.

Choose the right cooking pan or Sufuria

Selecting the correct size of cooking pan helps you save on energy. This is more practical when you’re warming water on gas at home; rather than warm water you don’t want to use in a big pan, why not warm just enough water in a small pan? This saves on the amount of energy or gas you use. Apart from saving energy, the choice of a cooking pan, together with the proper choice of gas burner helps to maintain hygiene in the kitchen- the flames wont be able to burn the sides of your pan this way.

Defrost at night

Defrosting overnight is very important to your gas savings. It reduces the amount of time your gas cooker will have to heat through the super cold thaw. This gives you an excellent, faster and gas saving cooking experience in your kitchen.

Use a boiling kettle

Water has to heat to 100 degrees in order for it to boil at sea level and this affects the time at which your food starts to cook. You can lessen this time and the use of cooking gas if you boil your water in the boiling kettle.

Observe the pieces

Research has shown that cooking larger pieces of food such as beef chunks consumes a lot more energy compared to smaller pieces. If you want to spend much less on cooking gas this year, cut your meat into smaller pieces before you cook-  you can thank us later for this by sharing on Facebook or Twitter.

In general, when you want to save on cooking gas, look at the Total gas cylinders geometrically. Use cooking techniques that will consume significantly lower amounts of the gas volume. Nonetheless, if you forget anything on this gas saving checklist, bookmark this post for later use..

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