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Five Best Ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption Even Today

Car owners will tell you for free that getting one is not difficult: you have the money it shouldn’t be a problem. However if not properly maintained, owning a car may turn out to be your worst nightmare. Maintenance starts with you watching out for the amount of fuel your car consumes. It is not cool to walk into a gas station every second.  The feeling is worse when you realize that price of the fuel has been increased.

Fuel prices keep on changing day and night. When you use your car on a regular basis, high fuel prices can be depressing. However, you no longer have to continue depressing over why you purchased a car in the first place.

Here are 5 Best ways you can reduce fuel consumption

Reduce Idle Time

Idle time is referred to as time when your car is not in motion. Normally you can experience such when in traffic jam or when you have stopped to get a drink without powering off.   Idle time eats up most of your gasoline; it does not matter whether you stopped for 20 seconds- the engine is still on. We recommend you turn off your car whenever you are not driving to minimize idle time hence saving you fuel.

Reduce Your Driving Speed

There is no truth “driving at a high speed saves fuel”- you only arrive faster and that is if you drive safely. This is because driving on the optimum cruise speed does not require you to adjust your brake pedal.  Normally when on high speed, one is forced to adjust brake pedals now and then which affect also the clutch.  Unnecessary use of clutch increases fuel consumption.    `

Change the air filter

In the process of maintaining your car, keep track of your air filter.  Dust and particles in the environment tend to clog in the air filter. A clogged air filter prevents enough air from penetrating to the engine. These results to reduced gas mileage meaning you will spend more to get enough fuel/gas. Instead of spending an extra $, replace your air filter which takes only 10 minutes.

Accelerate moderately

Accelerate without putting so much pressure to avoid getting bad gas mileage. You realize that accelerating with so much force extends to the engine which means you will need more gasoline. Instead of going through such simply accelerate carefully.

Observe Proper driving techniques

Observing proper driving techniques will help you save a lot on fuel consumption.  Avoid dangerous driving techniques such as driving over the limit. You might think that you are a professional on the road but in real sense you are slowly increasing your fuel costs.

You should always look out for your car- maintain it and ensure you keep check of your fuel cost.

These are only 5 ways to reduce fuel consumption, do you have any tricks up your sleeves? Share them with us in the comments for other drivers out there.

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