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Driving Tips -Ways to Drive Better In The Hot Sun

Have you been experiencing the extremity of the heat on Kenyan roads lately? To most, this amount of heat has been unprecedented while some think Kenya is slipping into the effects of global warming. Truth is, this heat has a lot of negative effects on how we drive, subsequently compromising road safety.

Do high temperatures affect road safety?

Research points to the affirmative regarding this statement. Higher temperatures have a psychological/physiological effect on the driver according to Peter, a health expert at Juicing Detective.  Emotions rise with temperature and as the emotions rise; some drivers get tired, lose concentration on the road or react faster sometimes, even when such reactions are unwarranted.  The number of crushes seen when we park heat is predominantly higher during extreme heat than normal times.

With that being said, you need to take a little more time to understand the hacks you should know when driving in the heat. Without further ado, here are 8 road safety tips you should consider when driving in the hot sun.

  • Always make sure that your car doesn’t overheat in the sun. You should make sure your car’s radiation system truly works and that all fluids are optimal or have replacements. You might have to top up your fluid levels more constantly than you did during the cold season.
  • Always ensure that your car tires are properly inflated; properly inflated tires also play a critical role in your vehicles’ fuel consumption so, keep that in mind.
  • When you are driving around with your pets or a child, don’t leave them unattended to inside your car- for whatever reason or for whatever duration you leave them alone. Locking your car with life inside is risking that life because once the car overheats as it will; you won’t have a lot of tilting space, right?
  • Plan long distance journeys early in the morning or late in the evening. This protects you from being affected by the suns heat at midday; cooler is always better.
  • Always ensure that your air conditioner works; you’ll be surprised by how many cars have truly working air conditioners.
  • Drive the right driving limit at all times as this shows you have concern for other road users- even when they annoy you in traffic.
  • Always and religiously wear your seat-belt to stay safe on the road
  • Always stay alert when you are driving in the sun, you might never know what is happening with your fellow drivers.

In general, it’s no fun driving in this heat. And because it affects almost everyone, mostly on an emotional or physiological level (deep inside the body/mind) always ensure you are following the above driving tips. We wish you happy heat driving. Feel free to tweet this article or share with your friends on social media.

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