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Car Lubricants – Tips for Choosing the right Oil

A car lubricant helps to reduce friction between moving surfaces in your car. There are numerous types of lubricants used in vehicles and each has a specific purpose that it serves. For instance, motor oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, wheel bearing etc. Apart from reducing friction, lubricants help in cooling the engine while ensuring that engine parts remain clean. They also help protect the inner surfaces of the engine against while also ensuring leak tightness in engine parts. If you’re not sure of which lubricant to use, here are quick tips to help you out.

Use manufacturer’s recommendations

Using your car’s maintenance guide, get instructions on which oil to use, viscosity level, and any other requirements that your car may have.

Use certified brands

Ensure that the lubricant is from a certified manufacturer and those that keep evolving with technological advancements.

Get the right lubricant for your vehicle

Pick the correct lubricant for your car category. Be it a bus, truck, an off-road vehicle or a motorcycle, each operate under various conditions and all have different engine specifications.

Always read the label

If you are purchasing from a certified brand, the manufacturer will usually give detailed information of the products and which it’s usage. Plus, you can always seek advice form the dealer you’re purchasing from.

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