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Car Color Sheen – 7 Maintenance Tips

When it comes to choosing the Car Color of the car we want, more often than not, we are always tempted to pick a car that has a good color, based on how it looks like once we set our eyes on it at the showroom.

According to Blake an expert who works for auto repair phoenix, most people don’t know how to take care of the cars they have.

The Reality

Over time, due to use and disuse, your car won’t sparkle as much as it did the first time you set your eyes on it. Eventually, the color fades due to mud grime, air pollutants, harsh ultraviolet rays, constant abrasive cleaning and poop from birds.

As a car owner, you have to think twice before you choose a car based on the color of choice. You have to consider what to do to maintain the quality of color /sheen in your chosen car. Your car must maintain a perfect look even after using it for years. That is why we have complied a few tips to help you maintain the color sheen of your car.

How to Choose and Maintaining the Color Quality of your Car

• If you know you are a busy person in life, and will never have time to wash your car, never go for a black car, black cars are harder to maintain in comparison to white, silver or champagne colored cars.

• When it comes to parking your car, always try your level best to park your car in a sheltered area that has a shade, so as to avoid harsh direct sunrays that may eventually with time eliminate the colorful luster of your car.

• At all cost, avoid parking your car under electricity poles. Also avoid parking under a tree because trees shelter birds that may poop on your car. If by accident, you find that a given bird pooped on your car, clear the poop immediately —the longer bird poop stays on the car, the more likely it will corrode the paint job, subsequently hurting its sheen.

• Always wash your car with fresh water. Avoid using recycled water as it may have some chemicals in dissolved in the water that can be harmful to the paint of your car, and eventually cause it to fade.

• If you don’t have a proper garage place, ensure you always wax your car as frequently as you can to preserve the luster of the automobile.

Remember if you adhere to these tips,  your car’s color will not only communicate to others about the kind of person you are, but also express your feelings.

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