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Car Engine Lubricants- Top Management Tips

Car engine lubricants/oil keeps your engine running smoothly and reduces friction by lubricating parts such as pistons that rub against cylinder walls and taking away the debris caused by the same. In the process, the engine oil also takes away the heat from areas inside the engine where the coolant cannot reach. Due to this, your vehicle is able to return the amazing acceleration, top speed and fuel economy for which you chose it over other cars

Changing the engine oil on a routine basis ensures your car’s engine keeps running smoothly. It is not all about when to change the engine oil. What matters equally is the ENGINE of the engine oil that needs to go in place of the used engine oil.

You have to know how to choose the right engine oil inorder to avoid catastrophic damage to your vehicle’s engine. One of the determinants which is identifying the engine oil’s viscosity which refers to how readily it flows when subjected to extreme temperatures. The engine oil’s viscosity, as recommended by the OEM, can be found in a car’s owner manual too and has to be strictly adhered to.

Every routine service of your vehicle has engine oil change as a task. With prolonged use, it becomes useless the engine oil starts losing its viscosity and lubrication properties. If you drive smoothly with fewer speed changes, the vehicle service intervals are spaced nicely enough for the engine oil to be replaced. Needless to say, those who drive at different speeds and are generally abusive of the car may need to get the engine oil replaced earlier than needed. Storage is yet another exception.

Other car engine oil tips

Use manufacturer’s recommendations: Using your car’s maintenance guide, get instructions on which oil/lubricants to use, viscosity level, and any other requirements that your car may have.

Use certified brands: Ensure that the lubricant is from a certified manufacturer and those that keep evolving with technological advancements.

Always read the label:  If you are purchasing from a certified brand, the manufacturer will usually give detailed information of the products and which it’s usage. Plus, you can always seek advice form the dealer you’re purchasing from.

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Engine Maintenance – For a Long Lasting Car

How well your car engine is built and how well it is driven will determine how long it will last? It all comes down to engine maintenance. Auto parts aren’t built to last forever, but by applying the correct preventative measures during routine maintenance, you can be assured of the parts lasting in good shape for a long time especially the engine. To prevent some of the common engine problems one has to know them first in order to know how to deal with them.

Regular oil changes

One of the most common is lack of regular oil changes. It is important to change an engine’s oil regularly and to make sure that change happens before the oil gets too dirty so as to keep the fluids the engine requires clean and fresh.


The other, is overheating. There are two main ways to check to see if your car is overheating: one is if the oil pressure is low. A hot engine is something you want to avoid as well. Heat wears down vital components, so make sure that the cooling system works well too and get yourself a coolant for any coolant leaks in the engine compartment as this is a very common cause of overheating.

Air Filter

Change your air filter at the recommended intervals. A dirty air filter can restrict air supply to your engine, causing sluggishness and lack of power. An old air filter can actually collapse or rip through, allowing unfiltered air, dust and other debris into the engine, causing it to wear faster. This is easy as it can also be changed at home.

Of course, some parts are designed to wear out, like an oil filter or brake pads. The good news is that they aren’t too expensive and, even though they wear out relatively quickly, most car owners don’t mind. When an expensive part wears out, however, the car’s owner has to calculate if it’s worth replacing or if it would just be a better idea to get a new car. A car’s engine is one of its most expensive and most important parts.

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Car Lubricants – Tips for Choosing the right Oil

A car lubricant helps to reduce friction between moving surfaces in your car. There are numerous types of lubricants used in vehicles and each has a specific purpose that it serves. For instance, motor oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, wheel bearing etc. Apart from reducing friction, lubricants help in cooling the engine while ensuring that engine parts remain clean. They also help protect the inner surfaces of the engine against while also ensuring leak tightness in engine parts. If you’re not sure of which lubricant to use, here are quick tips to help you out.

Use manufacturer’s recommendations

Using your car’s maintenance guide, get instructions on which oil to use, viscosity level, and any other requirements that your car may have.

Use certified brands

Ensure that the lubricant is from a certified manufacturer and those that keep evolving with technological advancements.

Get the right lubricant for your vehicle

Pick the correct lubricant for your car category. Be it a bus, truck, an off-road vehicle or a motorcycle, each operate under various conditions and all have different engine specifications.

Always read the label

If you are purchasing from a certified brand, the manufacturer will usually give detailed information of the products and which it’s usage. Plus, you can always seek advice form the dealer you’re purchasing from.

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas – Cooking Gas Safety Tips

Liquefied Petroleum Gas or popularly known as LPG is commonly used among the urban dwellers in Nairobi for domestic use. Apart from the convenience it offers, LPG is a clean source fuel as it does not produce soot and it’s environmentally friendly. It is also fairly affordable. When purchasing an LPG cylinder, ensure you are getting an original cylinder from an authorized dealer. Do not accept the Liquefied Petroleum Gas cylinder if the seal is broken. Request the attendant to use the 5-point safety steps which include:

  • Regulator: This is normally pre-set according to the required operating pressure. Ensure it’s not worn out, and that it’s replaced every five years.
  • Hose: Check the rubber hose to make sure it’s not punctured as this may lead to a gas leak. It needs to be replaced every two years.
  • Hose clips: The clips need to be in good working condition and that they are properly secured.
  • Cylinder: Inspect the cylinder for cracks.
  • Leak Test: Use a soap solution to be sure there are no gas leaks. Apply the solution on the cylinder joints and the presence of bubbles is an indication that there is a leak.

Note: Do not use an open flame to test for gas leaks.

When Cooking using Liquefied Petroleum Gas…

  • Open windows for proper ventilation.
  • Don’t place flammable items near the cylinder.
  • Ensure pan handles don’t come into direct contact with the open flame.
  • Never leave an open flame unattended as liquids can boil and over flow therefore, extinguishing the fire. This will cause the gas to leak posing a huge fire risk.

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Car Maintenance – Top 101 You Need To Know Today

Basic car maintenance is the best way to ensure that your car functions with minimal mechanical issues.  You could also be saving lives by reducing wrecks that happen every year. If you are on a tight budget, you don’t need to visit your mechanic every time for these simple procedures. We have compiled  simple DIY car maintenance tips and the tools you need for each activity.

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Car Color Sheen – 7 Maintenance Tips

When it comes to choosing the Car Color of the car we want, more often than not, we are always tempted to pick a car that has a good color, based on how it looks like once we set our eyes on it at the showroom.

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Car Engine Oil – How it Works To Give A Smooth Ride

It is important to know how car engine oil works so you can enjoy optimum performance from your car. Engine oil performs several vital functions including lubrication, cooling, cleaning, and sealing. Here is a brief explanation of these functions:

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Why You Should be a frequent Blood Donor


The power of blood! Have you ever wondered about the life saving power of blood? Especially to a road accident victim, a mother in the delivery theatre, to someone battling cancer, someone undergoing medical surgery or any other patient in need?

Isn’t it incredible what a deliverance a single pint of human blood can bring? Did you know that a single pint of blood can save up to three human beings?

Our hospitals are always in need of blood for patients therein; a fact that informs the importance of maintaining a blood bank in a society. In Kenya, it is estimated that the practice of donating blood is at a 70 per cent deficit compared to the national population size; and the responsibility for managing blood collection and transfusion is managed by the National Blood Transfusion service which is supported by several other organizations to achieve its mandate.

Total Kenya actively contributes towards the efforts of the National Blood Transfusion service by holding two annual blood donation drives for its employees at the Head Quarters and the Depots. This year (2015) the company has dedicated the first drive to the victims of the Garissa Terror attack by holding a public blood transfusion drive at Total Limuru Road service station on 24/04/2015. This drive is open to all Total employees, customers and the neighbourhood.

Benefits of donating blood

There are several benefits associated with donating blood, namely:

  1. Personal fulfillment – Human blood has no perfect substitute; therefore, it is always deeply fulfilling to know that you have helped a doctor save a life.
  2. Free Health Check-up – The blood donation exercise consists of a series of health check-ups that are performed on the donor free of cost. This will help you know of any blood pressure abnormalities, blood temperature, haemoglobin levels and check your pulse rate.
  3. Reduces Risk of Heart Disease – Regular blood donations help to keep the levels of iron in the body in check, especially in males. This has shown to reduce heart disease.
  4. Burns Calories – One blood donation session can help you shed 650 Kcal thus help in body weight control
  5. Reduce the Risk of Cancer – Frequent blood donation is said to help reduce high levels of iron which are believed to be a key contributor for cancer. It is therefore believed that donating blood will reduce the risk of cancers.

You have more than one reason to donate blood. Donate blood whenever you can and help save lives.

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Five Best Ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption Even Today

Car owners will tell you for free that getting one is not difficult: you have the money it shouldn’t be a problem. However if not properly maintained, owning a car may turn out to be your worst nightmare. Maintenance starts with you watching out for the amount of fuel your car consumes. It is not cool to walk into a gas station every second.  The feeling is worse when you realize that price of the fuel has been increased.

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Top 4 Strategies For Maintaining Kenyan Road Safety During Easter

As the Easter weekend approaches, schools are closing, families all around Kenya are planning road trips to various parts of the country. A major concern for transport authorities across the country is Road Safety over the long Easter weekend. Kenya has had some of the worst Easter weekend accident statistics in the past. This isn’t something we want to experience again.

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Tire Maintenance and Safety Golden Rules

You probably are a proud owner of Mercedes and all you do is drive. You are overwhelmed and cannot wait for the night to end just to get in your car. But how well do you take care of the car when you are always on the steering? When was the last time you made an appointment to visit your mechanic? When did you last check your tires to see if they are properly inflated?

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How To Keep The Best Tyres For Your Car (7 Tyre Maintenance Tips)

There are many advantages in ensuring that your tyres work. Along with helping us evade potential accidents or other road troubles, we can enjoy these benefits if we take care of our tires.

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Total Gas- Top Tips for Cooking Safely with Total Gas

The rate at which gas cylinders are being purchased is overwhelmingly high. You probably are wondering why gas and not the traditional Jikos. First off, cooking gas is extremely convenient- it takes shorter period of time to prepare a meal compared to any other forms of cooking. Total Gas promotes kitchen hygiene- you cook without experiencing smoke. Considering the low price tag on cooking gas, what prevents you from buying one?

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Most Common Causes Of Engine Oil Leakage ( With Fixes)

Oil is one of the major components of the engine. It protects the moving parts from the effects of friction and loss of shape. Oil leakage has negative impact on both the engine, and the environment. Therefore, leakages should be fixed immediately they are realized.

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How To Make Sure You Have The Right Tyres For Your Vehicle

Vehicle tyres are not only functionally important to your car, but also essential for safety and fuel consumption aspects of driving. According to most experts, the duty of buying the right car tyres is often neglected by many car owners. Truth is, if your car has the wrong tyres, you’re not only prone to causing accidents on the road, but also risk being arrested by law enforcement for driving around in an unroad worthy vehicle. This article will give you some of the tips to consider when buying tyres for your car.

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Engine Oil Burning- How to Effectively Manage

Many issues will trigger engine oil burning. You should figure out if your engine oil is burning, leaking, or just being used at a higher rate than typical.

Top signs of burnt oil include increased pressure in crankcase, enhanced oil usage, exhaust smoke, and reduced engine pressure (triggered by washed valve seals).

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Driving Tips -Ways to Drive Better In The Hot Sun

Have you been experiencing the extremity of the heat on Kenyan roads lately? To most, this amount of heat has been unprecedented while some think Kenya is slipping into the effects of global warming. Truth is, this heat has a lot of negative effects on how we drive, subsequently compromising road safety.

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Cooking Gas -5 best Money saving Tips

We all aware of the exponentially increasing cost of energy. With researchers putting 4% as the average total cost of household cooking (gas) in median households, there are a few easy ways you can use to save energy when using a cooking gas. The tips below are a guide on saving cooking gas in your kitchen, so, indulge us for one minute.

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Manual vs. Automatic Transmission Vehicles

Manual vs. Automatic Transmission Vehicles? You may have already decided on the vehicle which you would like to purchase, however, you may be torn in between choosing a manual transmission and an automatic transmission model.

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Top 3 Signs Which Show That Your Vehicle’s Engine Has Trouble

We have all experienced it; while seated in traffic, or cruising the super highway, your ears are up, and you listen. Did I just hear a whirring sound somewhere? Do I know where it’s coming from? Is it coming from my car’s engine?

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